Cosmetic Dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry

Dr. Anna Gasparova works on a daily basis in tandem with top plastic surgeons to turn back the hands of time. By correct application of her Anti-Aging dental
techniques, Dr. Anna can do more than simply whiten and brighten your smile: she can add fullness to your face, reduce wrinkles, and balance and plump your lips. Best of all, he does it without surgery
and without injectables.

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Cosmetic Bonding

If you have chipped, stained, or unwanted spaces between your teeth, cosmetic dental bonding may be the best option for restoring your smile.
As an extremely versatile option for fixing cracks, discolorations, and misalignments, cosmetic bonding allows Dr. Anna Gasparova preserve a majority of the natural tooth while improving the overall aesthetics of our patients’ smiles. Dr. Anna can complete cosmetic bonding in a single office visit. It is conservative restorative treatment option that preserves and matches your natural teeth.

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