Treatment of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be more than just an embarrassment. Bad breath, also known
as halitosis, can be a symptom of gum disease and other ailments that, if left
untreated, can lead to serious dental and health, as well as social, issues.

The first step in treating bad breath is properly diagnosing the cause. Dr. Anna
Gasparova uses the advanced technology of the Halimeter® to scientifically
identify the level of odor causing bacteria which helps determine the cause and
subsequent treatment of bad breath.

The Halimeter® is specifically designed to detect the levels of volatile sulfur
compounds (VSC) caused by bacterial growth. Dr.Anna Gasparova uses the
Halimeter® to determine the levels of VSC parts per billion. From this accurate
measure of VSC, Dr.Anna Gasparova can properly identify the cause of the
halitosis and can administer or prescribe appropriate treatment.

Persistent bad breath, not associated with smoking or eating of certain foods,
is almost always a symptom of dental problems. Masking the odor with mints,
gum or mouthwash does not correct the problem. Bacteria, in the form of plaque
or tartar, can build up in the mouth when teeth and the tongue are not brushed
consistently or properly and when teeth are not flossed. Halitosis is commonly a
symptom of gum disease or food particles trapped in faulty dental restorations,
or it may be the symptom of a more serious oral or general disease that requires
prompt attention by a dentist or physician. On rare occasions, chronic halitosis
is the symptom of a general health issue, and your dentist will refer you to a
general health practitioner for treatment.